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This Internship will help learner to understand the fundamentals of IoT, its design, development and security related challenges. This Internship will also help a learner to understand the concepts like IoT Architecture, Communication Protocols, Software and Hardware Platforms, Sensors and Actuators, Programming Concepts using C language, and to understand the working of Arduino and Raspberry Pi platform.


Overview of Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the internetworking of Connected Devices, Smart Devices, Sensors, Motors, Software system and other things embedded with electronics and linking them each other on a cloud so as to get updates remotely from almost anywhere anytime. Some of the IoT based systems includes Smart Home Automation System, Smart Waste Management System, Smart Lighting, Smart Transportation System, Remote Health Monitoring, and likewise many others. The area of IoT is growing rapidly and bringing in new job roles and related career opportunities to those who are proficient in IoT technology, management, deployment and security etc.

What is the Format of the Program

The Internet of Things (IoT) Course is delivered in two learning modes: classroom and online, to cater to your learning preferences while ensuring maximum learning efficacy.

  • Classroom batches:

    Classroom training by expert faculty at our Igeeks centres in Bangalore.

  • Online batches:

    live instructor-led virtual Classes with expert faculty for real-time learning and interaction with batch mates

Class timings for both formats are fixed and you are required to be available for your classes on time.

1 - Students Can Work Practically with Hardware & Circuits.
2 - No Hardware is given to Students for take away.

What Can I Learn From
this Internship?

  • Understand IoT landscape and all emerging areas to develop products
  • Understand and build IoT applications
  • Learn to work with various IOT platforms
  • Learn to control appliances and devices over Voice.
  • Implement concepts of UI, data handling and control instructions
  • Emulate real time IoT application sequence
  • Work on safety and automation tasks in daily life
  • Conceptualize and develop products using IoT
  • Develop confidence of presenting their project/Product

Internship Certificate

Internship certificates are given to those interns who have completed the training and project work at a company. With the help of this certificate, they can prove their skills, talent and worth for the position.Once the students are done with their education and they are ready to take a job, this certificate becomes a key document for them.

Concepts covered in Internet of Things (IoT)

Embedded C - Data Types , Memory Handling
Microcontroller Architecture
Arduino UNO
Output Pins
Input Pins with Keys - Pull UP & Pull Down
ADC - Temperature , Accelerometer
PWM - LED,DC Motor
Stepper Motor
Servo Motor
Introduction to IOT
IOT Modules
Arduino - IOT
Wifi - ESP8266
Cloud Platform for IoT
Protocols - MQTT
MIT App Inventor

Project Titles

As IoT's applications are endless, it can be integrated into almost all the electronic devices. It facilitates the connection between the device and user through the internet and provides them with the data which can be accessed from a remote location, facilitating very less or no human interaction with the systems. Thus developing IoT projects during your academics will help you to gain knowledge on this innovative technology.

Home Automation is one such area that is tremendously impacted by IOT. Every room and light in the near future will be automatically controlled by computers.

This project helps you understand how to implement IOT in very important areas like agriculture and irrigation.

Agrobot is the most logical procreation of autonomous technology into green-house systems such as agricultural fields, forest areas, horticulture agriculture etc. with this machine we can able to increase accuracy and precision of agriculture. It performs various functions involved in farming such as plowing of land, seeding, watering, fertilizing, cutting of plants.

As the population increases the effort on Traffic is also increasing. In many metropolitan cities, it is being difficult for the traffic Management team to control it. So, IoT can help the traffic system to be automated and monitor the traffic status using the internet.

We have developed cities that has many facilities for making people's life simpler, But still, Waste management is a big challenge as the population is increasing day by day. We see the municipality waste management team monitoring all the dustbins every day even the dustbin is not filled. Let's help them to be smart using IoT, this project acts as a waste management guard at every dustbin. Whenever the dustbin is about to fill it sends information to the team to collect the waste and also differentiates wet and dry waste. This is our smart way of protecting the living environment with garbage.

Energy consumption and management are a major task for people to lighten up our next generation's future. We waste electricity, Let's be smart enough in reducing energy consumption. In this practice, we developed automatic street lights that act smart using IoT. Our project Street light intensity gets changed along with the environment. If you walk at night the intensity will be high and morning it falls to the minimum. We can monitor this using your smart gadgets. Thingspeak cloud is used as IoT platform and Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi along with light sensors are used to be Smart.

This project is used to test the quality of the water and sends the data to the cloud.

In this proposed method, every morning at specific time system gets ON and says the date time and weather with welcome note and also whenever user go in front of the camera it will look for the face of the user, if it matches with the user, it displays time, date and weather in a mirror display and also it says as a voice output.

An IoT Project that can monitor the energy consumption of your Devices with a Smart Energy Meter which tells you the amount of energy consumed by a particular device. With this Project, you can also Operate your Devices using IoT.

Pricing Plan

Our courses are provided at the best rates in the industry across various plans that fit perfectly in your budget and offer you the best of services.

1 month Internship


  • Internship Offer Letter
  • 1 Project Assistance.
  • Project Report Materials.
  • Internship Certificate on successful project completion
  • 1 month
  • 20 + hours of mentor

2 month Internship


  • Internship Offer Letter
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 2 projects Assistance.
  • Internship Certificate on successful project completion
  • Final Year Project Assistance.
  • 2 months.
  • 40 + hours of mentor.

3 month Internship


  • In depth course.
  • Internship Offer Letter.
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 5 projects Assistance.
  • Internship Certificate on successful project completion
  • Resume and Interview Preparation Assistance
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 3 months.
  • 80 + hours of mentor.

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